Code of Conduct - Regarding our in game Hammerfist teams. 

  1. All who wear our Guild tag acknowledge and accept the philosophies by which we, The Hammerfist Clan (our gaming tag), are to conduct ourselves in-game.
  2. Your attitude, actions, words, and conduct reflect not only upon you, but the entire Guild. It is therefore your responsibility to conduct yourself in such a way that you bring honor and pride to the name of all Hammerfists as a whole.
  3. You are fully expected to abide by and uphold the Guild's Code of Conduct at all times. Members who breach the standards detailed in this Code will face disciplinary action.


  1. Respect for your fellow guild mates is the first and most important code.
  2. Respect one another's time, resources, and differences.
  3. No name-calling, badmouthing, harassment, insults, discrimination of, and derogatory remarks on race, religion, and/or gender will be tolerated. We are all matured individuals here, so no behavior of 10-year-olds will be tolerated.


  1. At no time are you to bring your disputes into the Guild chat.
  2. If you have a dispute with a fellow member, try to first settle it amicably. The Officers and Guild Master are there to help mediate any disputes if you require some form of intervention.
  3. Members who bring their arguments into the Guild chat will be asked to get into private chat with an Officer or Officers and/or the Guild Master.


  1. Members will NOT engage in public drama on any public forums or in-game.
  2. If there is anything to be said or a stand to be taken, the Guild Master or Officers will make the official statement.
  3. If you're found to have badmouthed or spoken ill of the Guild while being a member, disciplinary action up to removal from the Guild will be taken against you.

Honor and Integrity 

  1. Members will NOT engage in any activity that would otherwise affect the guild's public image. Examples of this would include Ninja Looting in public raids, cheating others during a trade etc.
  2. Please use common sense, do unto others as you would want others to do to you.
  3. At no time shall any member use a leveling service.
  4. Buying or selling gold under any circumstance, is not permitted.


  • When facing off with members of the opposing faction, conduct yourselves with integrity. You are allowed to emote /taunt, /chicken, but please try to keep it somewhat decent and remember it's another person you're fighting, not just an NPC.
  • We do frown upon griefing - its part and parcel of playing in a PvP zone yes, but in excess it's very harmful to reputation.


  1. Keep profanities within reason. While we understand that people do get frustrated in-game sometimes due to several factors, no one wants to hear the f-bomb every third word from your mouth.
  2. Keep it clean.
  3. Anyone using profanities as often as they'd do with punctuation will be warned.
  4. The use of caps is frowned upon. In an online environment, it represents shouting, and can be both disruptive and disturbing. Always have the comfort of others as your top-most consideration.
  5. Be considerate of other people's feelings in guild chat. When someone shows that they are offended, the activity must stop.
  6. Do not flame guild mates or put them down. This goes for public and private communication channels. Use of abusive or harsh language directed towards another guild member is forbidden.
  7. Do not make negative comments. If you disagree with something, suggest an alternative. Don't just be negative without offering your solution.
  8. Do not spam guild mates with questions for information if you can see by their location that they are in a dungeon or in heavy combat. Remember, people might be busy when you are not.
  9. Divisive topics such as Racial, Religious and Political discussions should be avoided. If you find that you must, do it privately or in the appropriate channel. Open guild chat is not the appropriate channel.
  10. Drama Queens need not apply.

Be Active 

  1. Joining a Guild does not mean that you only come in for raids and go for loot that you want or need.
  2. Being part of a Guild is being part of a greater community. Recognize that you are an integral part of the community, and that your contributions and participation are appreciated by all.
  3. Build friendships, help one another, and be supportive of one another's endeavors.
  4. Members are also encouraged to check the Guild website and forums on a regular basis for updates and announcements. The Forum is also a good channel for building relationships and getting to know one another better, so use it to good effect.

Enforcing Discipline 

  1. Disciplining errant Guild members is the domain of Class Leaders, the Officers, and the Guild Master.
  2. At no time are you to take matters into your own hands to discipline the offender(s). If you notice that a member has been breaking rules or causing the Guild to be seen in a bad light, escalate the issue immediately. An investigation into the matter will be launched, and disciplinary action taken where appropriate.

Have Fun 

  1. Finally, this is a gaming community, and we are all here to enjoy it, so have fun.
  2. Make the community and its games fun for everyone else too.